YouFood Shut Down on December 1st, 2020

A little over 7 years ago we set out to help people eat better, in a sustainable way. Our focus was on lightweight food journaling and sharing the successful routines of millions with many more millions looking to achieve their weight loss and nutrition goals.

We dismissed one-size-fits-all diets and calorie counting, focusing instead on deeply understanding your body type, lifestyle, and food preferences in order to connect you with those you could learn from, as well as with those who could learn from you.

We also worked hard to reduce the effort involved in your journey with us. Photos versus calorie counting meant you could "Log all your meals in less than 3 minutes a day," and we were constantly focused on feedback about ways to make the experience in the app more efficient.

While we could control many things, what took on a life of its own was the atmosphere you all created in the app. What started with a few early and optimistic adopters turned into a community, growing through challenges and achievements into the family we see today.

We have forecasted a few times in this space the fact that at some point we'd be unable to continue supporting YouFood. When we had to move on from YouFood as our full time jobs in 2016, our decision to keep the app running was grounded in our love for this community and the notion the app could still add value for so many people, even if we stopped updating it.

We never could have predicted the app could live on for four more years, and we're filled up knowing the joy and support that still flows through this place every day.

With that said, our 7+ year run will be coming to an end soon. YouFood will shut down on Dec. 1. But even though this app is "ending" in 2020, we're sure this community will live on.

@Kymber29, @deborah, @Fluffybritches, and @RebeccaK have created a Facebook group called "YouFood Official Group" to ensure the relationships you've built can endure after YouFood. You can join the group here.

For those of you interested in an export of your posts, please send your username to

Much love to all of you and we hope you're healthy and happy during this unprecedented time.

- Peter and Alex, YouFood co-founders